Selling artworks directly without commissions on Bekran

One of the concerns faced by artists is attending international events and selling works on large scale; thus, once they prepare their collections, they directly enter negotiations with gallery owners and collectors, or on higher level, present their works for sale through curators. Meanwhile, the created work, passing through stages handled by brokers, reaches the buyer at last, incurring hefty charges and commissions. In this, the artist might earn less than half the price! Owing to this, some artists may embark on dealing directly with buyers themselves, which of course is not professional. Hence, efforts to omit commissions and middle men are of high value. Having considered the financial status of artists all over the world, especially during the time of Covid-19, founders of this designed social media for artists ventured on updating the platform that will be released in July, 2021 and will make efforts to present artworks for sale without commissions. Bekran’s venture that started in 2018 as a pilot effort, now after two years, has stopped adding members for a while in order to increase its level of sophistication and do rebranding. The new website,, will be launched in early July whereby artists will enjoy presenting their physical and digital works internationally free of charge.


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